Styled Photo Session

The fog was finally lifting as we drove to the Yellowstone River. The grass was still wet from the low morning fog. It soaked our feet as we tromped through it. Geese waddled away in our search for the yellow wildflower field. We reached a no trespassing sign, and stoped there. Fleetwood mac played through the air as Grace bounced to the beat. Water rushed by. Grace’s flowy dress among the wildflowers and the morning sun created a beautiful glow that made her look angelic.

Grace’s beauty, inside and out, was showcased by her willingness to spend Saturday morning doing a styled photo session with me! When she’s not playing model with me, she is working at a daycare in Bozeman, resuming classes at MSUB with a focus on music education, and going on mission trips to Prague! Because she has a passion for teaching music she has even started her own successful voice lesson business. This girl has a passion that will take her so far in the upcoming future.

Grace, thank you for waking up at the crack of dawn to let me take pictures of you! It was so nice to spend some time catching up with you and sharing our hearts together. You are such an independent young women who loves the Lord I loved hearing about your grand plans for the upcoming semester. I can’t wait to hear more about them as they come to fruition. Grace, thank you for being willing to drive all around Billings in order to find a pocket of sunshine and to let me capture your beauty!

Styled Photo Session

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