Fall Extended Family Session

The sun is dipping behind the cottonwood trees. Fall colors in the leaves are prominent this evening, creating a glow in the open field. The many voices of a large extended family fill the quiet field. As I make the fine adjustments to where the thirteen Haan grandchildren are to stand, I feel a gently hand reach up to me. I look down. Sweet Hope wraps herself around my ever growing belly. Her head is now resting by my belling button. Over the hustle and bustle amongst her cousins she says “Is the baby kicking? I’m giving her hugs.” I hug Hope back and and think about how full of love this family is.

Spending an evening capturing the Haan family, was like spending time with my own. My favorite part of the session was how easy going everyone was, even the kids! They were all so cooperative, willing to chase the sunlight through the tall grass, and patient. Tami created a cohesive look for the family by choosing a few colors that accent the fall pallet found in nature. The evening session casted dreamy light creating a gorgeous fairytale-like glow.

Tami, it was such a joy capturing your whole family. I appreciate you moving mountains to get everyone together. What a task that was for you! I admire the way you are so family focused even if it means spending literally your whole day at a football field. Your family is truly blessed to have you as their biggest cheerleader. Tami, thank you again for choosing me to capture your fall extended family session!

fall extended family session
fall extended family session

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