Spokesmodel Fall Session

The sun beat down. Almost too warm to believe it’s a Montana fall evening. The cottonwood leaves burned a bright yellow. Families meandered across the low river bed. As the sun set, it filtered through the trees creating a dreamy glow. The clouds turned cotton candy pink and reflected off the puddles left by the river. I introduced the girls and turned around to adjust my camera for our next segment. The girls had only just met and yet I heard them connecting. Hobbies, friends, school. They will be the perfect first generation #khpspokesmodel.

Jennica and Natalie are two totally different, yet wonderful young ladies. Natalie is a born leader and a natural communicator. With ease she knew which questions to ask in order to draw Jennica out of her quiet self and let her sarcastic side show. My favorite side of Jennica. 🙂 The girls followed the chosen color scheme by wearing outfits that fit their personalities, yet complimented each other perfectly. Although they had just met, they were very receptive to posing together even if it meant traveling over the uneven river rocks in cowgirl boots!

Natalie and Jennica, you are both amazing! You are both so much fun to photograph and I loved every minute of our spokesmodel fall session. I appreciate you taking time out of your weekend to spend with me and to help support my business. You are both beautiful and I enjoy getting to know you more each session. It thrills me to hear that your senior year is starting out well and that my spokesmodel program can be one more exciting thing for you to look forward to throughout the year. I can’t wait to get you in front of my camera again for our winter session. Natalie and Jennica, thank you again for being part of my spokesmodel team!

Spokesmodel fall session
Spokesmodel fall session
Spokesmodel fall session

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