The early July sun beat down. The backyard aspen trees created a much needed cooling shade. The laughter and conversation filled my ears from the family behind me. No sooner did my camera click and I gave a “You look great!” did I hear my new friend bound over to me. “Can I see?” uttered […]

I hiked back up the hill in Absarokee to the road where the light was brighter. The sun was fighting to break out from behind the clouds, but losing the battle. I heard the gently breeze tickling the golden grass of summer. Then I saw them. As beautiful and more in love than their wedding […]

The sun was setting, casting a beautiful glow on the rims. Everyone was out enjoying the views and taking in the perfect weather. Eyes followed Emily and Jake as we walked by. Smiles and shouts of “Congratulations!” could be heard every few minutes. We hiked through the grass, down the dirt hills, over the rocks. […]

Katie Hudgins

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