Spokesmodel Winter Session

The sun was peeking in and out from behind the clouds as it set. A gentle breeze was blowing, just enough to create a little movement in the girls’ hair. Compared to the negative temperatures of last weekend, it almost felt like a spring day. The snow was melting creating the perfect consistency for a snowball. As we chatted and moved between shots Jennica crafted the PERFECT snowball. I could see my son Jaxon’s eyes light up. She tossed it to the side and made herself ready. No sooner was a clicking my camera than a snowball came whizzing at Jenni’s head! She ducked, my head whipped around to see Jaxon smiling. Jenni laughed and playfully tossed some snow back. The game was on.

Our first Spokesmodel Fall Session went so well and the girls did not disappoint for the spokesmodel winter session either! Jenni and Natalie do such a great job taking the wardrobe inspiration and adding their own style to the outfits. With the warmer temperatures comes melting snow, which means mud. But both girls were willing to tromp around on the rims, sitting and laying on rocks, and dodging mud puddles as we went. They really are the best spokesmodels I could ask for! Once again they rocked the spokesmodel winter session and I can’t wait for our LAST spokesmodel session in the spring.

Natalie and Jennica, thank you for your flexibility to reschedule due to FREEZING temperatures. This session was beautiful with the setting sun and not too cold! When I realized my children needed to attended this session with me they were so excited, I was nervous. It was such a relief to see how it was no big deal to you and how sweetly you both treated them. I loved that you were playing with them and complimenting them throughout the entire session. Thank you for that. I can’t believe that you are already half way done with your senior year! I know that there are so many emotions that go along with that, but you will both do great things. Natalie and Jennica, thank you again for being part of #khpspokesmodel! I hope you’re having as much fun with this as I am! 🙂

Spokesmodel winter session
Spokesmodel winter session
Spokesmodel winter session

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