Arrow’s Cap&Gown Session

At Arrow’s Senior Session he was telling me about how he was taking a German class this year so I was looking forward to hearing what he learned. Turns out his favorite saying has something to do with peeling your skin off! Totally gross, but it got some authentic smiles out of him for his cap&gown session, so I guess we’ll call that a win.

One of the qualities I like best about Arrow is his honesty. During Arrow’s cap&gown session he gave me his honest opinion of his senior year and here it is:

Overall how did the year go? Ehhh. What was the best part? Sleeping. (Which he did in some of his classes…) What was the hardest part? Keeping good grades. What will you miss? Seeing my friends everyday. (Good answer. This is what I miss the most about high school too.) What are your future plans? Still figuring it out. I love doing art, but don’t want other people telling me what to do. What are you looking forward to the most after graduation? Freedom. What are you the most nervous about after graduation? Freedom. What is your advice to the junior class? Stop beating up other students! It’s not cool. (Seriously juniors, listen to this!)

Arrow, I admire your honesty and how you stay true to yourself throughout our sessions. I know life after high school can be intimidating and the truth is, most adults don’t like adulting all the time either. 😉 However, you will come to find out it’s not so bad. As you explore where life will take you, I wish you success in whatever path you choose to take. But most of all I hope you find something that brings you joy daily. Arrow, thank you again for sharing your wisdom with me and for choosing me to capture your cap&gown session.

Arrow's Cap&Gown Session

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