Joseph’s Cap&Gown Session

As expected Joseph’s go getter spirit yielded a successful senior year! And it seemed like he even had some fun along the way. After he told me all his big plans at his airplane senior session I was eager to hear how everything went at his cap&gown session. Turns out when you are as determined as Joseph, anything is possible. I love that he came prepared to his session with a few accessories, like his aviators and scholarship to Rocky, to make his cap&gown session stand out.

During Joseph’s cap&gown session I interviewed him on his senior year. This is how it went:

Overall how did the year go? Good. What was the best part? Pep band. We went to state with the Basketball team. (Although it did cost him a new phone. From now on he will always remember to check his pockets before jumping in a pool.) What was the hardest part? Other students being annoying. What will you miss? Seeing my friends everyday. What are your future plans? Rocky Mountain College. Bachelor in aviation. (He also already has a job at the airport. As I have said before a real go getter!) What are you looking forward to the most after graduation? Freedom. What are you the most nervous about after graduation? Freedom (he said with a laugh.) What is your advice to the junior class? Don’t get senioritis! (good advice, but very hard to do!)

Joseph, your up beat personality is contagious! Once again I loved hanging out with you. I’m so happy to hear about how well your senior year went and can’t wait to see you succeed at Rocky. I know you’ll be a great pilot soon. Your determination to reach your goals is admirable, keep it up! Joseph, thank you again for choosing me to capture your senior cap&gown session. I wish you all the best as you start this next chapter of your life!

Joseph's Cap&Gown Session
Joseph's Cap&Gown Session

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