It was so good to see Daniel again for his cap and gown session! It feels like just yesterday we were waking up bright and early for his senior session. Once again Daniel’s sense of humor and laid back personality came out during our session and made taking photos of him a breeze! One of […]

At Arrow’s Senior Session he was telling me about how he was taking a German class this year so I was looking forward to hearing what he learned. Turns out his favorite saying has something to do with peeling your skin off! Totally gross, but it got some authentic smiles out of him for his […]

As expected Joseph’s go getter spirit yielded a successful senior year! And it seemed like he even had some fun along the way. After he told me all his big plans at his airplane senior session I was eager to hear how everything went at his cap&gown session. Turns out when you are as determined […]

We stepped into the building and I felt a relief from the cool morning air. The dark hallway sloped down to a set of glass doors. The sound and smell of pool gradually became apparent as we neared the doors. Daniel walked in front with a confidence like he was walking into his own house. […]

The river rushed by. Dogs and their people meandered along the path in the fleeting evening light. Arrow sat on the sandstone rocks looking out across the river. As he told me about his summer, I couldn’t help but ask more and more questions. Who wouldn’t want to know more about petting alligators!? We talked […]

The early morning air was crisp. The clouds hung in the sky, but that didn’t intimidate us. Light rain started to fall. This was the location we were looking forward to most so we couldn’t stop now. As we circled the airplane taking pictures from all angles, Joseph reached up to his aviators. His hand […]

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